London 2012: Thank You

3 days back in the office and the slow realisation that I haven’t got a single day of holiday left this year and more starts at the other 4 o’clock than I thought humanely possible.

It’s time to bid a proper farewell to London 2012. Without doubt the most fun month I have ever had in my life. I just have to say thanks…

Thank you to… The Sports Presentation Team. To Howie, Jess, Lucy, Emily, Rebecca, Jez, Nick, Becky, Shurwin, Andy, Matt, Emma, Greg, Dillon, Ian. To everybody that simply hit the ground running. From some highly experienced TV folk to young, enthusiastic students, all made me feel so welcome and trusted and supported me in my role.

Thank you to… The Gamesmakers. For your unbridled enthusiasm day after day, volunteering inside and outside venues. For telling people the same things, answering the same questions yet maintaining that same smiley, bubbly persona and keeping the games ticking right down to the very last detail.

Thank you to… The Spectators. Without you, there would be no games. Thank you for nearly filling the venues day in day out. Thank you for turning up with a willingness to participate, to shout as loud as you could and for agreeing to me sticking a microphone in your face when you simply wanted to discretely get to your seat. You all played along when I asked and your enthusiasm made the Games. And everyone who had a kind word to say as well, they all meant the world to me.

Thank you to… The Athletes. One thing I learned at the Games is that we can play the best videos, entertain the crowd in the most engaging fashion and play the best music, but if the sport delivers, the arenas will rock. Before the games the athletes were courteous and polite to our requests and handled themselves with dignity and character and didn’t mind me getting in the way from time to time.

Thank you to… The Bullies. At school, when at times you made my life a misery and forced me into therapy and the health problems. Without you I’d not have the same determination and motivation to make a real success of myself. Doing the games reignited my passion for events and TV and was another way to stick prove wrong all those who doubted me back then.

Thank you to… My Friends. To Chris for pointing me in the right direction. To Alex for putting me up. To all those in Loughborough for mentioning my name. For everybody who kept me sane, fed and happy for the time away from home.

Thank you to… Work. For letting me have the time off and develop my skills in an area I am truly passionate about at a time when resources were already fully stretched. Thanks to Matt and Matt for mopping up behind me and for keeping me in the loop.

Thank you to… Emily. For your constant support and tickets to athletics.

Thank you to… The Taxi Guys. Every night they put up with my lonely figure waiting for the unreliable London taxis but took me under their wing and made me feel like family. It was nice after I tiring day to keep smiling right until the end.

So thank you London 2012 overall. For the life changing experience. For giving me the chance to present on such a grand stage. I hope it will be the making of me.

You’ve played your part.

The next part is down to me.