Let the Games Begin

So I’m sat on the sofa at the moment. The Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on the BBC just beginning. 2 spine tingling montages out of the way and the hairs on the back of my neck have already had an intense workout.

3 days into my role at the Olympics and already it’s been a truly unforgettable one. I’m not permitted in my contract to divulge too many details about my role and everything that has been going on behind the scenes so hopefully these blogs will just capture the essence on what London 2012 is all about.

And I can kinda liken in to the Open Days during my time at Loughborough University.

A whole mix of people from various different backgrounds, each with their own unique skill set, all coming together to put on a show and sell the venue, the experience and the crux of the place without actually being told what to say.

Everybody just knows.

Nobody tells you how to act or what to tell or not to tell people. Everybody working, volunteering and roped in to helping all have the same welcoming persona. No longer do you walk down the street keeping yourself to yourself. Every stranger is a friend, a colleague and family. You can simply say hi without fear of a strange look or a cursory stare.

Everybody is working towards the same goal and all of the visitors cannot fail to be wowed.

My role is part of Sports Presentation. I am a volunteer host – if you go to the Diving or Water Polo, I’ll be the friendly face saying hi, chatting to the crowd, and getting the place pumping.

My first few days have involved chatting to some of the divers from China, GB, Germany, Australia, Canada and the USA. I’ve filmed a few bits around the arena that will come to light come games time and a couple of dress rehearsals to tie down timings and scripts.

The sports production team have been so accommodating and welcoming and have given me both responsibility and direction in equal measure. Even on the first day I felt like one of the focal points in the briefing – despite having met most of the crew only once before.

I’ve developed a really nice bond with the cameramen I’ll be working with and been constantly mesmerised by every tuck, pike, twist and somersault performed from the springboards and eye wateringly-high platform.

I have a day off tomorrow that I’ll fill with research for the first couple of events and learn my lines for the scripts.

I suspect come Sunday I’ll be bouncing off the walls at the crack of dawn well before my alarm sounds. The taxi to Stratford I suspect will seem longer than ever and the countdown to the first dive will stretch out for eternity.

I cannot wait to utter the most simple words: “Good afternoon and welcome to the Aquatics Centre.”

8 simple words but 8 of the biggest and most important of my life.

So without further ado… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!