Happy New Year

Greetings everyone and welcome to what promises to be a stunning 2012.

Aside from the obvious Olympic shenanigans, we’ve got Euro 2012 too and all the fun of the fair from the usual dollops of cricket, cycling, tiddlywinks – you name it!

Without launching into a huge emotional rewind on 2011 or quirky look ahead to 2012 (these will follow in the coming weeks), I would like to reflect on an amazing 12 months and show my gratitude to those who have aided me this far into my journey.

Firstly, a massive thanks to Gemma Sterba for taking me under her wing at BBC Radio Kent and always having time to teach me, to listen to me and most importantly to give me the opportunity to thrive in Tunbridge Wells. I hope this is just the start of my journalism journey. Regardless of how high I climb, I’ll be forever indebted to Gem. Thanks too Matt Davison and Matt Cole for providing me countless opportunities to progress.

Huge thanks to Pete and Ryan at 5or6 for getting my website up to scratch and Sarah Ansell and StillSport for the photos.

To Tim Benford, Andy Parsons, Lucy Hopkins, Alison Johnston and everybody at Loughborough Students’ Union, I had the time of my life working there and will never forget the epic memories.

And  so to 2012. I hope it brings you everything you desire. I’ve only made one resolution. Come December 31, I intend to not be left wondering what might have been.

You stay classy people 😀