A Personal Update

So it’s been a while since I last updated the blog here so rather than the usual sporting interview or discussion piece, I thought I’d give a bit of an updated about the exciting direction my career has taken over the last 6 months.

In May, I moved up to MediaCityUK in Manchester, working as a Multimedia Sport Guest Fixer for BBC Sport and BBC Radio 5 Live. I learned an incredible amount over the summer, building strong relationships with various departments in BBC North and with external agents, governing bodies and professional sportspeople.

I was the lead on getting sports guests into Salford and pushing them around a variety of different outlets. I was also one of the producers on Shelagh Fogarty’s Sports Team on BBC Radio 5 Live, arranging and briefing guests, writing scripts and editing audio. The buzz of a live show was something I missed greatly from my time at BBC Radio Kent so I was very fortunate to have the opportunity and responsibility to work on such a well established programme under the guidance of the experienced Andrew Douglas.


This was my Monday 9-5 job but at weekends, I worked additional shifts producing sports bulletins for BBC Radio 5 Live and as an assistant producer for Sports News on BBC News, my first professional television experience.

I was often working 7 day weeks and long hours but the additional shifts were really enjoyable and the adrenaline rush of tight deadlines and live bulletins were unparalleled. Working across the Commonwealth Games, the World Cup Final and the Tour de France enabled me to showcase my range of knowledge across different sports and keep that variety that you need in every workplace.

I spent much of August and September working on a brand new show for BBC Radio 5 Live’s rebrand. The Friday Sports Panel with Eleanor Oldroyd was a development from the sports team but with bigger names, a longer slot and a show all to itself on Friday afternoons. I managed one show (which went unbelievably well and working with Elly, one of my broadcasting icons, a real treat) before the next exciting progression.

In October, I was fortunate enough to be offered a 3-month placement with Sport News on BBC News, working across TV sports output on a daily basis. As an assistant producer, it was a great step up for me and I’m so grateful to the producers and editors for firstly giving me the opportunity at weekends to prove myself, and then for taking a chance on somebody with such limited experience.

To say my first month in the role has been a steep learning curve would be an understatement. Working on different days, different bulletins and with different presenters, I’ve improved my editing, my writing and my way of thinking about.


The best bit about the new role is producing and voicing my own VTs. It’s great to be back broadcasting again and producing highlights packages on Premier League games, athletics events and just this week, Andy Murray’s ATP World Tour Final victory over Milos Raonic that was broadcast on BBC Breakfast. A very proud moment in my young career.

My attachment has been extended until the end of March and I hope to continue progressing with my packages, my editing skills and hopefully produce a few individual items for the Sportsday programmes on Fridays and weekends.

It’s an incredible exciting stage of my career right now and I hope this is still just the start of more positive steps in the industry.

Yours in Sport